RIIS: Kerala's Construction Of State-Wise Rural Infrastructure Indices

RIIS: Kerala'sConstruction Of State-Wise Rural Infrastructure Indices

The term "RIIS" typically refers to privately-owned industrial estates or parks located in the Indian state of Kerala. These industrial estates are designed to provide infrastructure and facilities for various industries and businesses. They are managed by private entities or organizations, as opposed to being government-owned industrial estates.

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Our Mission

Invest Kerala is dedicated to fostering economic growth and prosperity in Kerala. Our mission is to attract investments, promote innovation, and create job opportunities. We aim to simplify the investment process and provide comprehensive support to investors, facilitating their success and contributing to the development of the state.

  • Investor Assistance: AWe provide comprehensive support, simplifying investment processes and offering guidance to ensure investor success.
  • Economic Prosperity: We work to bolster Kerala's economic growth, attracting investments, fostering innovation, and enhancing the overall quality of life in the state.
  • Global Recognition: We work to elevate Kerala's profile as a global hub for business and investment, attracting opportunities and partnerships worldwide.

Unified Common Application FormKerala's State-Wise Rural Infrastructure Indices: A Comprehensive Analysis

RIIS streamlines government approvals through a unified form, serving 14 departments and agencies, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

  • Directorate of Urban Affairs
  • State Environment Impact Assessment Authority
  • Directorate of Panchayats
  • Department of Mining and Geology
  • Department of Town and Country Planning
  • Department of Forest and Wildlife
  • Department of Factories and Boilers
  • Department of Fire and Rescue Services
  • Kerala Water Authority
  • Department of Ground Water
  • Department of Electrical Inspectorate
  • Kerala State Pollution Control Board
  • Department of Labour
  • Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd

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