Assistance Scheme for Handicrafts Artisans (ASHA)

Assistance Scheme for Handicrafts Artisans (ASHA)

The Scheme intends to provide financial assistance in the form of grant to the artisans in the handicrafts sector for setting up handicraft enterprises. The assistance is a one time support to eligible artisans of the state as back end assistance.

For the purpose of this scheme, an artisan is a person who has been categorized as such by the office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Govt. of India or SURABHI, KSBC, KADCO, HDCK, KELPALM and has taken effective steps to setup an enterprise in the handicrafts sector.

Features of the Scheme

  • Provides assistance for the Fixed Capital Investment, ie construction of Work shed/ Workshop, cost of tool, equipment, machinery and accessories, electrification, Technology support/ product / Design development.
  • For General Category artisans, assistance is 40% of the Fixed Capital Investment limited to Rs 2.00 lakh.
  • For Young (18 to 45 years), Women, SC/ST artisans, the assistance is 50% limited to Rs 3.00 lakh.

How to Apply?

Application can be submitted online or in person with all supporting documents as below. .

Required Documents

  1. Self attested copy of the identity card of the applicant.
  2. Self attested copy of the resolution towards applying for this assistance in case of the unit other than proprietary.
  3. Self attested copy of Udyam Registration of the unit.
  4. Copy of Caste Certificate (Attested by Gazetted Officer) in case of SC/ST artisans.
  5. Self attested copy of Project Report.

Check List:

  • Copy of previous year Audit certificate/Financial statement
  • List of work days of each member in previous year(monthly)
  • Details of required components for financial assistance

Sanctioning Authority

General Manager, District Industries Centre is the sanctioning authority.

Guidelines and Application Form for the Assistance under ASHA.

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