The Kerala stressed MSMEs Revival & Rehabilitation Scheme

Kerala stressed MSMEs Revival & Rehabilitation Scheme

The Kerala stressed MSMEs Revival & Rehabilitation scheme intends to provide financial and other handholding support to the MSMEs which show signs of stress and to convert their non-productive assets into productive assets. The maximum assistance admissible for each unit, all reliefs and assistances put together, under the scheme will be limited to Rs. 5 Lakh.

Assistance/Relief Available from Government

Restructuring of existing loan account

If the bank is willing to restructure the existing loan account and extent additional term loan/working capital loan based on the Revival Project recommendations of the Expert Committee, the unit is eligible for the following one time Assistances. These assistances are also eligible for self financed units availing term loan/working capital loan as part of the Revival Package recommended by the Expert Committee.

  1. Margin Money Grant

    50% of the margin insisted by the bank/Financial Institution towards additional working capital loan and term loan, will be payable as Grant Assistance limited to Rs 2 lakhs.

  2. Interest Subvention Assistance

    To provide a financial assistance in the form of interest subvention on a reimbursement basis for the additional term loan and additional working capital loan availed by the units based on the Revival Project Report recommended by the expert committee. The interest subvention is 6% per annum subject to a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh. The interest subvention is limited for one (first) year on the loan sanctioned by the financial institution/bank.

Restart Expenses

The following one time assistances shall be payable as Re-start expenses based on the Revival Project recommendations of the Expert Committee.

  • In cases where no term loan is availed for the purchase of brand new additional/balancing plant & machinery, 50% of the cost of Additional/Balancing Plant and Machinery limited to Rs 1.50 lakhs will be payable as one time assistance.
  • 50% of the cost incurred for the inevitable repair and maintenance of existing Plant and Machinery and Building limited to Rs 1.00 lakh will be reimbursed.

Clearance of Statutory Dues

If there is statutory dues existing for the unit related to the agencies like KSEB, GST/Commercial Tax, Excise, Pollution Control Board etc. 50% of the dues limited to Rs 40,000 shall be payable as one time assistance based on the Revival Project recommendations of the Expert Committee.

Negative List

Photo Studios and Colour Processing Centres, Breweries and Distilleries of all types, Saw mills, Soap Grade Sodium Silicate, Asbestos processing except units in which the quantum of asbestos used in the production process is less than 25% and environmental and occupational health hazards have been taken care of to satisfaction of authorities concerned, Metal Crushers including Granite Manufacturing units, All types of Steel Re rolling Mills, Units manufacturing iron ingots, Calcium Carbide, Cement manufacturing except units manufacturing cement from fly ash, Potassium Chlorate, Cashew industrial units, Power intensive units based on electro thermal/ electro chemical processor units where total power requirement exceeds 5000 KVA of contract load or where the cost of power is more than 33% of cost of production of the items manufacture except where the units generate their power requirement in excess of 5000 KVA of contract load by own captive power.

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