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Kerala's Approach to Youth Employment

Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country," has been making remarkable strides in terms of youth employability, positioning itself as the third-highest state in India with 64.2% highly employable candidates. This impressive feat can be largely attributed to the concerted efforts of initiatives like ASAP Kerala, which have substantially improved the overall employability among the state's youth over the past year.

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While Kerala excels in English language skills, its cities feature prominently in the top 10 for available talent in various age groups, highlighting the state's promising pool of youth resources. Moreover, Kerala ranks third in states with male employable resources and fourth in terms of female employability. Kerala also emerges as a top destination for freshers seeking opportunities with salaries ranging from 0-2 and 2-2.6 lakhs per annum. It's heartening to note that Kerala's youth perform exceptionally well in domains like B.Arts, BCA, and BSc, where a significant number score above 60%. Companies from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities across India targeting Kerala's youth population.
In summary, Kerala's youth employability journey is both commendable and challenging. The state excels in certain areas. Kerala has the potential to not only produce a highly skilled workforce but also create an ecosystem where these skills can be put to good use, boosting the state's overall development and contributing further to the nation's progress.
The people of Kerala are open-minded, adaptable, and welcoming of change. They seamlessly integrate new traditions and cultures into their lives, embracing cosmopolitan values. The state boasts of the best law and order in the country, high urbanization rates, and remarkable standards in healthcare, human rights, education, environment, and the economy.
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