ESG (Environmental, Social, And Governance)

ESG (Environmental, Social, And Governance)

In Kerala, emerald hills and sparkling waters embrace a thriving future built on responsibility. The Government of Kerala is committed to fostering "Responsible Industry; Responsible Investments," reshaping the state into an ESG haven. With a forward-looking Investment Agenda and a pioneering New Industrial Policy, Kerala advocates for ethical development and environmental stewardship, establishing itself as an ideal choice for investors in search of both natural beauty and sustainable returns.

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ESG Action Plan

  • A dedicated policy for promoting ESG-focused MSME development and providing performance-based loans and incentives for innovation and green growth based on ESG-rating of MSMEs shall be devised
  • A sector-based ESG rating framework, criteria, and methodology for industries while aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) metrics shall be developed
  • Dedicated funds shall be formulated to provide green incentivization for entrepreneurs promoting sustainable industry practices
  • Investment promotion meets shall be organized under the theme of Responsible Investments
  • Various incentives shall be offered for businesses/MSMEs adopting ESG practices as per the ESG criteria
Dedicated Funds to Embrace ESG
Dedicated funds will be set up to encourage entrepreneurs promoting sustainable industry practices. Investment promotion meets will be organized under the theme of "Responsible Investments." Various incentives will be offered to businesses that embrace ESG practices.
To pave the way for this ambitious transformation, our Government of Kerala has formed a prestigious Advisory Committee. Four eminent individuals, including Akshay Mangla from the University of Oxford, is developing a detailed ESG strategy and action plan.

Consumers will be increasingly demanding sustainability and ethical practices, and regulators will be placing greater emphasis on ESG considerations. The high population density of Kerala will mean that any imbalance in the ecosystem could profoundly impact the lives of its people, making it crucial to prioritize the environment in investment decisions. Kerala, a rising star in India's startup ecosystem and good governance, will be determined to lead the way in ESG investments. We will aim to create a sustainable ecosystem, fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals, and contribute to India's climate action.

Mission, Vision and Objective

The Vision, Mission, and Objectives of Kerala's ESG Policy will be clear: to create a sustainable and responsible future, to position Kerala as a leading destination for ESG-compliant investment, and to drive positive impact and long-term value creation for stakeholders. In the future, the state of Kerala, with its natural beauty and a commitment to ESG, will be on a journey towards a more responsible and sustainable future. As the story unfolds, it will be evident that Kerala will not just be preserving its natural treasures but also creating a legacy of responsible industry and responsible investments for generations to come.

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