Ease Of Doing Business (EODB)

Kerala has made a tremendous improvement
In the heart of God's Own Country, Kerala, we, the state government, have taken pioneering steps to create an environment that embraces businesses with open arms. We've meticulously sculpted the Ease of Doing Business landscape, propelling the state into a hub of entrepreneurial opportunity. Here, we delve into some of the groundbreaking initiatives that make Kerala a paradise for the business-minded.
Ease of Doing Business In Kerala

Kerala stands out as a beacon for ease of doing business with its streamlined processes, investor-friendly policies, and a robust support system. The state's commitment to fostering a conducive business environment is evident through initiatives that simplify procedures, encourage innovation, and prioritize the success of entrepreneurs. With a focus on transparency and efficiency, Kerala beckons businesses to flourish in a welcoming ecosystem that values growth and development.

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Simplified Licensing Procedures
  • Investments up to Rs 50 Crores, not under the red category, don't need prior state government licenses. Utilize this exemption for the initial three years; acquire necessary licenses within six months afterward.
  • Single Window Clearance Mechanism ensures hassle-free licensing at various levels.
  • The K-SWIFT online platform streamlines mandatory clearances for business setup in the State.
  • K-CIS replaces manual inspections with synchronized computerized inspections, enhancing transparency.
  • An Investment Facilitation Bureau, led by the Principal Secretary (Industries), issues licenses within 7 days after submission of document.
Govt of India Initiatives
On the national front we align with the Government of India's initiatives, such as the Business Reforms Action Plan, aimed at reducing regulatory burdens. The PM Gati Shakthi National Master Plan propels infrastructure development, while Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) ensures smoother interstate commerce. The Export Preparedness Index (EPI) and the Cost of Doing Business are all in harmony with our vision for a thriving business ecosystem.In this realm of lush landscapes and cultural richness, our forward-thinking policies are like the spices that flavor our entrepreneurial stew, creating a business environment that's nothing short of delightful for visionaries and risk-takers alike.
Kerala has achieved one among the top 5 ranks in the India Skills Report 2018, and the state government has ensured that Kerala has specific focus on skill development initiatives for different industry domains. Kerala is now transforming itself as an emerging destination for setting up enterprises and doing business.

Investment Facilitation

  • We don't stop there. We've established an Investment Facilitation Cell, the KSIDC Invest Cell, with a 'customer-first' philosophy to expedite approvals for enterprises.
  • Our commitment to transparency and accessibility extends to a dedicated toll-free service, 1800-890-1030, catering to all investment-related inquiries.

Law Reform

  • Decriminalization in 38 various Acts.
  • Amend 12 existing Acts, 12 Rules, enactment of 3 Acts, pertaining to 13 various departments.
  • Constituted an Internal Mechanism to track policy changes suggested by various Stakeholders.
Our Key Initiatives
Kerala is the only state in India to have all its districts covered under industrial corridor projects. best manufacturing and investment destinations in the world.
Kerala Single Window Clearance
Kerala Single Window Interface for Fast and Transparent Clearance (KSWIFT)
Investor Facilitation Agency
Established investor Facilitation Cell with a customer – first philosophy
Govt of India Initiatives
Alignment with Govt of India initiatives for reducing regulatory burdens
Simplified Licensing Procedures
Simplified procedures to support growing businesses
Law Reforms
Decriminalized age old policies and mechanism to track policy changes
Toll Free Number
Hassle free support with adequate customer support measures
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