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The Advantages of Starting a Business in Kerala - Kerala’s Business Friendly Policies

The Government of Kerala has taken many serious and proactive steps to improve the ease of doing business in Kerala. The Kerala Investment Promotion and Facilitation Act, 2018 is one of the initiatives undertaken as part of Ease of Doing Business. The amendments to the 7 Acts and 10 Rules have ensured a conducive environment for establishing and running businesses in the state.

The government has made efforts to eliminate redundant regulations, simplify clearance processes and reduce clearance timelines. Moreover, the Kerala government developed a web-based application called Kerala Single Window Interface for Fast and Transparent Clearance (KSWIFT). Through it, future transactions with the government regarding the issue of granting approvals and licenses can be made promptly. 

Transport facilities in Kerala

The road and railway systems in Kerala are well-developed. National highways are connecting it with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The railway that travels from east to west through the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats meets the railway that travels from north to south through the state to Kanyakumari. 

Kochi is the largest port, while intermediate ports can be found in Kozhikode, Alappuzha, Neendakara, and upcoming Vizhinjam Port at Thiruvananthapuram. Each of these ports handles foreign and coastal traffic. Kochi also has major shipyards and oil refineries. More than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of inland waterways serve as the main arteries for transporting bulk freight to and from ports. There are international airports at Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kochi.

Kerala’s Plantation and Vegetation

In Kerala, the majority of the population depends directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihood. The state’s main crops are paddy, coconut, pepper, cashew, cassava, and rubber plantations. The agrarian economy dominates Kerala. Coconuts are the people’s main source of income from agriculture. The state of Kerala provides nearly 70% of all coconuts produced in India. 

In addition, cashews are an important cash crop of the state. In the state, raw cashew is processed into dried fruits, salted or plain. Cardamom is another cash crop that gives Kerala a distinct place in the Indian export market. The district of Alappuzha in Kerala is known as the ‘rice bowl of the state.

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Transport facilities in Kerala
Minerals Resources in Kerala
Kerala’s Plantation and Vegetation
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In KeralaMinerals Resources in Kerala

The state of Kerala has several mineral deposits, including Heavy Mineral Sand (Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Monazite, Sillimanite), Gold, Iron ore, Bauxite, Graphite, China Clay, and Fire Clay. Besides these, other minerals found in Kerala include Tile and Brick Clay, Lignite, Limestone, Limeshell, Dimension Stone (Granite), Gemstones, Magnesite, Steatite, and others.


While Kerala is unique among Indian states with a higher level of Social Infrastructure and services infrastructure, comparable with that of many advanced countries.

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Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, KINFRA aims at bringing together all the suitable resources available in the state and developing infrastructure to woo the Industrial growth of the state.

Directorate of Industries and Commerce

Directorate of Industries and Commerce is the functional arm of Industries & Commerce Department of Govt. of Kerala to promote Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in the State.

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Kerala SIDCO as a ‘Total Solution Provider’ for Small Scale Sector offers all facilities and assistance to set up Small Scale Units across Kerala.

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