The Kerala government on Wednesday decided to recommend to Governor Arif Mohammed Khan to convene the ninth session of the 15th Legislative Assembly

Industrial Announcement "Kerala's Industrial Landscape Gains Momentum: A Look at the Latest Developments and Trends"

In recent times, Kerala's industrial sector has experienced significant growth and transformation, marking a notable shift in the state's economic landscape. With a focus on sustainable and innovative practices, industries in Kerala are diversifying and expanding their horizons. .

30 October, 2023
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Test Accouncement Kerala's Thriving IT and Industrial Scene: Recent Developments and Achievements

The story behind this water regatta getting its name goes back to the visit of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1952. He was so enchanted by the sight of the majestic snake boats that he leapt onto one of the snake boats himself, ignoring his security cover. Later on in the year, he would donate a silver trophy in the form of a snake boat as a gift for the memories of the time he spent there. Hence the race would later go on to be named the Nehru Trophy Boat Race

31 October, 2023
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