What is Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT)?

Answer: Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT) is a one-stop service for New and Existing investors those are planning to invest in Kerala state.

How to avail the services of K-SWIFT?

Answer: Before applying for any services, you must first register with Single Window Clearance System. Registration is a One Time Process. You first need to register as an individual and get a Login account. User registration will enable to access the departmental clearances required for setting up of the business entity.

What are the main activities of Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT)?
  • Interactive system for identifying approvals for setting up of business and starting of business operations.
  • Easy access to all information on procedure, timelines, formats etc.
  • Comprehensive checklist of all NOCs, licenses, registrations, etc., available online.
  • Common Application Form (CAF)
  • Single Sign-On at Single Window portal allows seamless integration of single window portal with the respective department’s portal by eliminating the need of signing in multiple times as well as the need of creating separate login credentials at various department portals.
  • Follow up action and coordination between the Government departments and investors.
What information is required, when I begin to register?

Answer: The following fields are mandatory, while you register in Single Window Clearance System:

  • e-Mail ID
  • Mobile Number
  • PAN
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Photo Scanned
  • Signature Scanned
Is there any registration fee?

Answer: For Single Window System, Govt. of Kerala as of now is Charging Rs.500/­ as fee for one time Registration. Separate application fees are charged by the respective Departments as per the prevailing rules/acts for Application Processing.

How to pay the fees?

Answer: Single Window System is integrated with electronic payment gateway (eTreasury).

How much amount do I need to pay when invoking these services?

Answer: The requisite amount will be displayed on the screen while you apply Online. The fee amount can be remitted only using the On-line payment (ePayment) option. The fees of all the Departments can be remitted in on shot using the On-line ePayment.

How do I get the confirmation after registration?

Answer: On registration, the Login credentials will be communicated using e-Mail / SMS.

What happens if I forget my username and / or password?

Answer: In case you forgot your username and / or password, please visit the “sign in” and click ‘Forgot Password’ link to retrieve your login details. The New Password will be communicated using eMail / SMS

How many services are enabled on Single Window Clearance System?

Answer: Presently on single window system 22 services are available on the proposed system to be launched shortly.

After applying for the services through Single Window Clearance System, how do I know the status of my application? Do I need to contact the departments for status update?

Answer: Single Window Clearance System is integrated with department systems and processes. Hence you will receive the status updates on your application on the portal. You don’t have to contact to the department for status update. You can check the status without signing on the portal by visiting www.kswift.kerala.gov.in. Also, system will send e-Mail / SMS to the application on every change in Status of the Application.

How can I update/change my personal information?

Answer: Personal information can be edited, after you Login. Menu option is provided to change the Profile & Password. These changes will get reflected in the system once you login the next time.

How do I submit the enclosures with the application?

Answer: Enclosures can be uploaded with the application in electronic format. The maximum size of the file will be prompted by System.

How do I get the information about the various clearances issued to me?

Answer: Once the Clearance / Permit is ready with respect to a Departments, system will communicate to you through e-Mail / SMS. You can also check after signing in the portal, the requisite clearance documents will be uploaded on your portal.

Is there a helpdesk available for any queries?

Answer: Yes

How do I provide the feedback?

Answer: The contact details can visiting www.kswift.kerala.gov.in

How do I provide the feedback?

Answer: You can send your feedback at ksidc@vsnl.com.

Why should I use Single Window Portal?

Answer: The Single Window Clearance Portal aims to facilitate businesses in the State by providing a single point (online) interface and a time-bound clearance system by acting as a one-stop information/ registration / approval/ tracking centre for clearances/approvals and providing an electronic-based transparent system for online submission and tracking of applications including ePayments. It will also provide updated information relating to relevant rules, regulations, orders and policy initiatives and schemes for guidance of investors.

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