Margin Money Grant to Nano Units

Margin Money Grant to Nano Units

Margin Money Grant to Nano Units is a loan linked scheme operated by the Directorate of Industries and Commerce. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to Nano units in the State, engaged in manufacturing, job work and service activity having any type of value addition.

Features of the Scheme

  • Units with project cost upto 10 Lakh will be covered in the scheme.
  • Margin Money Grant of 30% to 40% of the Total Project cost according to the category of the applicant.
  • Women, Youth (Age between 18 and 40), Differentially Abled Persons, Ex-Servicemen, and persons belonging to SC/ST category will be eligible for 10% additional Grant.
  • 30% of the beneficiaries under the scheme shall be women entrepreneurs.
  • Maximum assistance under this scheme shall be Rs 4 Lakh per unit.

    Financial Assistance

    Category Loan from Financial Institution (Minimum) Beneficiary Contribution (Minimum) Margin Money Grant (Maximum)
    General 40% 30% 30%
    Special 40% 20% 40%

    How to Apply

    Sanctioning Authority

    General Manager, District Industries Centre is the sanctioning authority.

    Other Points

    The Project cost under this scheme shall include the following.

    • Cost of land and its development including documentation charges. The cost of land and its development shall not exceed 10% of the project cost.
    • Cost of building. This shall not exceed 25% of the project cost.
    • Plant & Machinery, equipments including all accessories, tools, jigs, fixtures, essential office equipments and furniture, lab equipments, pollution control devices, generators.
    • Electrification
    • Preliminary and pre-operative expenses which shall include Registration charges of the firm, engineering drawings, cost of the project report, Technical know- how, cost of technical supervision during the implementation period. However, these preliminary and pre-operative expenses shall not exceed 10 % of the project cost.
    • Allowance for cost escalation (contingencies). The contingency allowance shall not exceed 10% of the cost of the item for which it is meant.
    • Working Capital. The working capital shall not exceed 40% of the project cost or one working cycle, whichever is lower.

    Check List

    • Project Report
    • Title Deed of Land/ Land Tax Receipt if applicable
    • Ownership Certificate of building if applicable
    • Registered Lease Deed or Rent Deed in such cases
    • Proforma Invoice/Quotation of plant, machinery and electrification
    • Valuation of approved Engineer, Chattered Engineer for Civil Construction
    • Sanction letter from financial institution/Bank if any
    • Any other document as demanded by the recommending/sanctioning authority


    All new Nano proprietary enterprises in manufacturing / food processing and job works and units engaged in service sector having any type of value addition, whose project cost including fixed capital and working capital up to 10 lakhs are eligible for the assistance under the scheme. Preference is given to special categories such as women, handicapped persons, ex servicemen and persons belonging to SC/ST.Youth entrepreneurs up to the age of 40 are also given priority under the scheme.30% of the beneficiaries under the scheme shall be women entrepreneurs.

    Financial assistance

    Maximum limit of margin money grant under the scheme shall be Rs 4 lakhs per unit as follows.

    1. Loan given by financial institution/KFC/Co-operative bank: Minimum 40 % of the project cost
    2. Promoter’s contribution: Minimum 30 % of the project cost
    3. Margin money grand by Industries dept: 30 % of the project cost limited to a maximum of 3 lakhs
    4. In case of special categories MMG will be 40 % of the project cost limited to a maximum of 4 lakhs and promoter’s contribution shall be 20%.


    a.Application shall be submitted to the Assistant District industries officer,Taluk Industries Office concerned with all supporting documents including the sanction letter with recommendation from the bank.

    b.Copy of pass book showing the details of beneficiary contribution remitted to be submitted along with application.

    Sanctioning Authority

    General Manager, District Industries Centre is the sanctioning authority.

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Contact Details of District Level Officers for the Scheme-Margin Money Grant to Nano Nnits

Sl No District General Manager Mobile Number Name of Officer In charge Designation Mobile Number Landline Number
1 Thiruvananthapuram Shri. Ajith S 9188127001 Shri. Anoop. S Manager 9847525077 0471-2326756
2 Kollam Shri. Biju Kurian 9188127002 Shri. Thomas John Manager 9447245611 0474-2302774
3 Pathanamthitta Shri. Anil Kumar P.N 9188127003 Shri. Aneesh Nair M Manager 9995457101 0468-2214639
4 Alappuzha Shri. K.S Sivakumar 9188127004 Shri. Ajimon K S Manager 9496333376 0477-2241632 / 0477-2241272
5 Kottayam Smt. M.V. Lauly 9188127005 Shri. Arjunan pillai R Manager 9446594808 04812573259
6 Idukki Smt. Jaya C 9188127006 Shri. Sahil Mohammed Manager 7012946527 486 2235507
7 Ernakulam Shri. Najeeb P.A 9188127007 Smt. Sheeba. S Manager 9605381468 0484-2421360
8 Thrissur Shri. K.S.Kripakumar 9188127008 Shri. Saji.S Manager 9947123325 487 2361945
9 Palakad Shri. Benedict William John 9188127009 Shri. Gireesh M Manager 9495135649 491-2505408
10 Malapuram Shri. Renjith Babu 9188127010 Shri.Rahmathali A.K Manager 9249396622 91483-2737405
11 Kozhikode Shri. Biju P Abraham 9188127011 Shri. Gireesh I Manager 8714140978 0495-2765770
12 Wayanad Smt. Lissiyamma Samuel 9188127012 Shri. Vinod G Manager 9447707865 4936202485
13 Kannur Shri. A.S Shiras 9188127013 Shri. Shammy S K Manager 9446675700 0497-2700928
14 Kasargode Shri. Sajith kumar.K 9188127014 Shri. Sajithkumar K Manager 9847747025 0499-4255749
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