Explore Kerala's Industrial Prowess

Kerala, showcases a robust and diverse infrastructure, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable development and economic progress. Well-maintained road networks, progress in education and healthcare, and a strong focus on renewable energy contribute to the state's overall well-being and attract global visitors to its scenic landscapes and cultural heritage.

Industrial Infrastructure
Kerala’s top notch Industrial Infrastructure offers cutting edge facilities to catalyse innovation.
147+Sector-Focused Industrial Parks And Areas
Bio Life Science, Petrochemical, Multisector, Food Processing, Hi-tech, Defense
Kochi Bengaluru Industrial Corridor
Mega Industrial corridor project
03 Development Of New Industrial Parks
Medspark, Petrochemical, Rubber
Private Industrial Estate Scheme 2022
100 parks in 3 years
Single Window Clearance Boards for speedy approvals
Single window boards fast-track your approvals.
35,000 km of Optical Fiber Network planned
Kerala weaves a 35,000 km digital tapestry with its ambitious fiber-optic network.
140+ Industrial parks
Common Facility Centres in 15 Industrial Clusters
13 Centers, 15 Clusters, One Thriving Industrial Landscape.
56% Internet Penetration (the second highest in india)
Positions Kerala as a frontrunner in India's digital landscape.
Gas and LPG pipelines, CGD network

Kerala's Industrial Landscape

Kerala's industrial sector is a vibrant blend of heritage and innovation, where traditional manufacturing, including textiles and food processing, harmoniously coexists with modern endeavors like seafood processing and defence manufacturing. The economic fabric is enriched by the scattered presence of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), injecting dynamism. This unique fusion of tradition and modernity defines Kerala's industrial landscape, where skilled hands weave magic, progress intertwines with the aroma of spices, and the future is nurtured with a nod to the past.

Kerala's commitment to sustainable development
Kerala's industrial landscape is also evolving to include knowledge-based sectors. The state has embraced information technology and services, making strides in the establishment of IT parks and special economic zones. Cities like Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi are emerging as tech hubs, attracting IT companies and startups.
Kerala's commitment to sustainable development is evident in its renewable energy projects, including wind farms and solar power initiatives, further solidifying the state's reputation for environmental stewardship. From sector specific parks like Life Sciences Park, Defence Park, Food Park etc. to general industry based parks the State boasts of an effective industrial infrastructure spread over the length and breadth of the State.
Kerala: A unique blend of tradition and Modernity
While Kerala may not rival some of India's more industrially dominant states, it thrives as a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Its industrial infrastructure is a testament to its ability to adapt, incorporating new opportunities while preserving its cultural and ecological treasures. This harmonious coexistence is what makes Kerala a remarkable and resilient region in the Indian industrial landscape.
The state's lush landscapes, serene backwaters, and ancient temples seamlessly coexist with a growing IT sector, booming tourism industry, and a well-developed healthcare system. The people of Kerala, known for their strong cultural roots, have also embraced progressive ideologies, making strides in education and healthcare, and achieving impressive social development indicators. This balance of preserving tradition while embracing modernity is what continues to set Kerala apart as a remarkable and dynamic region in India, attracting visitors from around the world.
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Infrastructure Strength of Kerala


Located on the trans-national trade corridor connecting Europe and Pacific rim with highest number of airports with global connectivity in the country.

  • 38 lakh km of roads (548 km per, 3x national average)
  • 1,745 km of railway tracks
  • 1,700 km of inland waterways
  • Four International airports
  • Two major seaports
  • 17 Minor/intermediate ports
  • One container transshipment terminal
  • Proximity to international seaports
  • 24 Metro stations


Kerala has a total installed capacity of 3146 MW out of which the Green source of power generation accounts for 81.97%.

3146 MW Total Installed Capacity

  • 2137 MW Hydro
  • 632 MW Thermal
  • 372 MW Solar
  • 70 MW Wind

6000 MW

  • Untapped solar potential

343 MW

  • Untapped Small hydro potential

Green Energy Infrastructure

Gas Pipeline GAIL Kochi-Mangalore

  • 16 mmscmd Gas Pipeline (partially commissioned)

LPG Pipeline

  • Kochi Salem Pipeline’s (KSPL)
  • LPG pipeline project (Jointly by HPCL and BPCL)

City Gas Distribution

  • Authorization for 11 districts for CGD network

Green Hydrogen

Kerala is a front runner in adopting H2 across ecosystem - Pilot fuel cell vessel, H2 buses and trains planned, H2 production

Stability in Electricity Supply on 24 X 7 basis

Kochi Airport is the World's first fully Solar-Powered facility.

77% of the Installed Power Capacity of the state is renewable.



Effervescent start-up and innovation ecosystem with 63 Incubators, 375+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre’s/Mini Incubators.

  • 1st In Asia For procurement of affordable talents by Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022
  • Rank #4 in Global ranking in GSER
  • UBI Global ranks Kerala Startup Mission as world’s No.1 public business incubator
  • 101 USD mn+ Fund Of Funds For Start-ups (FoF) Created By The State Government
  • 551 USD mn+ Venture Capital funding
  • 3,650 Tech Startups in 2021-22
  • 30k+ Number Of Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • 95% Start-ups launched between 2016-2021


India’s best state on the social development front relating to health, education and gender equality offering high quality of life to citizens.

  • HDI/PQLI (Physical Quality Life Index) on par with developed countries
  • Clean Air & Water
  • Progressive thinking population
  • Best law and order systems
  • High quality education, women empowerment
  • Lowest Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate
  • Rich Natural Resources

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