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among 28 Indian states in:
Kerala: A Multifaceted Leader in Numerous Sectors of Excellence
Kerala shines as a front runner in diverse fields, from health and education to tourism and social welfare.Here are some notable success stories and initiatives from Kerala:

Kerala boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure with a network of hospitals, clinics, and primary health centers. Both government and private healthcare facilities are available throughout the state, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of its population.

SKOCH Award 2018:-

Order of Merit was conferred to key KSITM projects like Computer Emergency Response Team, Kerala (CERT-K), Kerala Spatial data Infrastructure (KSDI), Akshaya and mkeralam.The Skoch Award is a prestigious award in India that recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields, including governance, healthcare, education, and technology. In 2018, the Kerala government received the Skoch Award for its efforts in the field of governance and public administration.

Best Performance Award

The "Best Performance Award" for the e-procurement project awarded to the Government of Kerala by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India is a significant recognition of the state's excellence in implementing an efficient and transparent e-procurement system. E-procurement refers to the use of electronic systems and technology to streamline and improve the government procurement process.

Public Affairs Index

The Public Affairs Index (PAI) is an annual report that ranks Indian states based on their governance performance. Kerala has been ranked as the best-governed state in the PAI 2021. The index takes into account various parameters such as essential infrastructure, support to human development, social protection, women and children, crime, law and order, delivery of justice, environment, transparency and accountability, fiscal management, and economic freedom.

Public Affairs Index
National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment 2021
National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment 2021

The National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA) is a biennial study conducted by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG) to assess the effectiveness of e-Governance service delivery in States, Union Territories (UTs), and focus Central Ministries in India. According to the NeSDA 2021 report, Kerala topped among all states in the assessment of e-Governance service delivery.

Front Runner In
Kerala: Front Runner in Multiple Leading Departments
Kerala's tourism sector has undergone a resurgence, distinguishing itself from other Indian states. The state's focus on eco-friendly practices and its unique culture make it a standout destination.
Kerala's innovation sector is experiencing a transformation, differentiating itself from other Indian states. The state's focus on technology, education, and entrepreneurial spirit distinguishes it in the innovation landscape.
Energy Efficiency
Kerala is pioneering energy efficiency, forging a distinct path in India. Its initiatives in renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable practices set it apart as a leader in energy efficiency.
Export Preparedness
Kerala is redefining export preparedness in India with a multifaceted approach. The state's diverse range of export products, including spices, coir, and seafood, is supported by a focus on quality and global competitiveness. This distinctive approach sets Kerala apart from other Indian states.
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