What is Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT)?

Answer: Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT) is a one-stop service for New and Existing investors those are planning to invest in Kerala state.

How to avail the services of K-SWIFT?

Answer: Before applying for any services, you must first register with Single Window Clearance System. Registration is a One Time Process. You first need to register as an individual and get a Login account. User registration will enable to access the departmental clearances required for setting up of the business entity.

What are the main activities of Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT)?
  • Interactive system for identifying approvals for setting up of business and starting of business operations.
  • Easy access to all information on procedure, timelines, formats etc.
  • Comprehensive checklist of all NOCs, licenses, registrations, etc., available online.
  • Common Application Form (CAF)
  • Single Sign-On at Single Window portal allows seamless integration of single window portal with the respective department’s portal by eliminating the need of signing in multiple times as well as the need of creating separate login credentials at various department portals.
  • Follow up action and coordination between the Government departments and investors.

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