Kerala Logistics Parks Policy (Draft)

Logistics Sector plays an important role in the Indian economy. It generates huge employment and attracts foreign investments. The efficiency of the logistics sector is a crucial factor that determines the economic competitiveness of the country. The growth of the other sectors depend heavily on the efficiency, reliability, and responsiveness of the logistics network.

Kerala is one of the most well-connected State in the country in terms of its transport infrastructure. It has the highest density of roads, rail network spanning from one end to the other end of the State, which is almost running parallel to the national Highway, 4 international airports of which three are well connected to the mainland road and railway network, 2 major seaports and multiple minor ports, 1 major International Container Terminal (ICT) connected by a coastal sea line.

In the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) - 2023 assessment, Kerala has secured a position in the Fast Mover Category. The state has garnered commendable ratings under various indicators. Additionally, the Operating and Regulatory Environment in Kerala has been positively acknowledged for its effectiveness. Kerala has been graded as an ‘Achiever’ in the LEADS-2023 assessment.

Vision: “To promote an integrated, reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable logistics system to enhance competitiveness, for the economic development of the State.”

Draft Logistics Park Policy 2024 has been published through the below link:

The link will be open in the public domain for comments / suggestions / other inputs of the key stakeholders and general public till 20.04.2024.

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