Bamboo Industry

Bamboo is a highly productive renewable and eco-friendly resource and has several applications. It is widely used in environment protection, as a nutrient food, high-value construction material and in about 1,500 other applications.

Kerala's Bamboo Industry

In Kerala, the abundance of bamboo is evident with the presence of 28 different species. The local bamboo industry plays a pivotal role in supplying bamboo to pulp and rayon units, offering concessional rates. This not only supports industrial needs but also sustains the livelihoods of around one lakh people in the state who depend on bamboo-related activities. It is estimated that about 2.5 billion people use bamboo in one form or the other at the global level. Advanced research activities are conducted to utilize bamboo for efficient fuel generating system.Kerala's unique approach to bamboo sourcing is notable, with a significant percentage—67.3 percent—coming from home gardens rather than solely relying on forest extraction.

Bamboo Industry

The state has recognized the importance of bamboo in rural livelihoods and has undertaken initiatives to promote bamboo cultivation and management. Through skill development programs and awareness campaigns, efforts are being made to enhance the economic prospects of those dependent on bamboo-related activities. This inclusive approach aligns with Kerala's commitment to sustainable development and community welfare.

As Kerala continues to explore innovative uses for bamboo and encourages responsible harvesting practices, the bamboo industry in the state is poised to contribute both ecologically and economically, fostering a harmonious balance between conservation and utilization.

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