Cashew Industry

Cashew industry in our country is facing a stiff competition from countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Mozambique and Tansania.India stands 2nd in the export of cashew kernels in the world.

The state's expertise In Cashew industry

During the 1970s, Kerala held the top position in terms of the extent of area under cashew cultivation in the country. However, with the expansion of rubber plantations, a major shift occurred, and substantial cashew areas were converted to rubber cultivation. Presently, Kerala ranks 6th in terms of area and 5th in production among states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Despite this shift, Kerala continues to play a crucial role in the Indian cashew industry, particularly in processing and exporting.The state boasts approximately 800 registered cashew nut processing units, providing employment to around 3 lakh workers, with an overwhelming 95% of them being women. This highlights the significant contribution of Kerala to the cashew industry, emphasizing its prowess in processing and exporting activities.

Cashew Industry

In recent years, the Kerala cashew industry has demonstrated resilience and adaptability by implementing modern technologies and sustainable practices. The state has been actively promoting organic cashew cultivation, responding to the growing global demand for organic products. This shift aligns with the global trend towards environmentally friendly and ethically produced goods, further enhancing the marketability of Kerala's cashew products.Moreover, the state government has been instrumental in supporting the cashew industry through various initiatives, including financial aid, skill development programs, and infrastructure development. These measures aim to strengthen the overall supply chain and enhance the competitiveness of Kerala's cashew sector in the international market.

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