Medical Equipments

Kerala's medical device manufacturing sector showcases robust growth potential with a skilled workforce and innovative ecosystem.

  • Kerala boasts over 70 medical device manufacturing units, indicating a robust industry presence.
  • The state benefits from a highly skilled workforce, with over 20,000 engineering and technical graduates annually.
  • Kerala's tradition of innovation is exemplified by its thriving ecosystem of over 3,900 startups, including those in healthcare and medical technology.
  • Key companies like Terumo Penpol, Sahajanand Medical Technologies, Agappe Diagnostics, and Perfint Healthcare showcase the state's prowess in the medical device sector.

Healing Beyond Horizons Kerala's Global Impact in Medical Device Innovations

Engineering Health: Kerala's Commitment to Progressive Medical Solutions.

Kerala have research institutions, universities, and technology hubs that contribute to the development of innovative medical devices. Collaborations between academia and industry play a crucial role in advancing research in this sector.

Innovate, Cure, Thrive: Kerala's Medical Devices Transforming Lives Globally.

The emergence of startups and entrepreneurial ventures focused on medical devices contributes to the sector's growth. Incubators, accelerators, and funding support encourages the development and commercialization of new medical technologies in the State.

Kerala's Precision Care: Empowering Healthcare Through Advanced Medical Devices

Kerala have abundant skilled workforce, including engineers, researchers, and professionals with expertise in medical technology, which is essential for the success of the medical device sector.

Elevating Patient Care with Technology

Efforts to promote the export of medical devices from Kerala to the global market can enhance the sector's visibility and economic impact. The State is establishing partnerships with international distributors and is continuously participating in global trade events for facilitating market access.

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