Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM)

Kerala's vibrant opportunities in Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) are driving innovation and growth in the electronics industry.

  • Kerala's ESDM sector is bolstered by established technology parks like Technopark, Keltron, KINFRA, and Electronics Park, which provide cutting-edge facilities for development.
  • The state possesses a robust talent pool specializing in areas crucial for ESDM, such as embedded systems, VLSI, and chip design.
  • With an installed capacity of 3146 MW and a focus on green power generation, Kerala ensures uninterrupted and sustainable power supply, vital for ESDM operations.
  • The state boasts a large human resource base exceeding 7 lakh, offering ample opportunities for talent acquisition and growth in the ESDM industry.
  • Kerala's initiatives like KEHM and KTIZ provide policy support, infrastructure, skill development, and financial assistance, fostering a conducive environment for ESDM players.

God's Own Destination Of Technology: Where Technology Meets Nature

In the lush landscapes of Kerala, a state renowned for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, a silent revolution is unfolding in the realm of technology—the rise of Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM). Kerala, often associated with tourism and tradition, is making significant strides in fostering an environment conducive to electronic innovation and manufacturing.

Cultivating Innovation Kerala's ESDM Frontier Unleashed

Weaving the Future with ESDM Excellence

Kerala's robust educational ecosystem forms the bedrock of its electronic ambitions. Leading institutions in the state offer specialized programs in electronics engineering and technology, churning out a pool of skilled professionals ready to contribute to the rapidly evolving field.

ESDM's Rise in Kerala's Green Abode

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Kerala is exploring eco-friendly practices in electronics manufacturing. The state is making strides in adopting green technologies and sustainable approaches to mitigate the environmental impact of electronic production.

Kerala's ESDM Surge into the Future

To further catalyze the growth of the electronics sector, Kerala has identified and developed Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs). These clusters provide a collaborative platform for companies to establish and expand their operations, leveraging shared infrastructure and resources.

Transforming Tradition into Tech Innovation

Maker Village is the largest electronic hardware incubator and ESDM facility in the country, which is a pioneering startup initiative of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India with Indian Institute of Information Technology, Trivandrum as the implementation agency and Kerala Startup Mission as the supporting partner.

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