Recycling and Waste Management

Kerala faces significant waste management challenges but exhibits strong government support and community engagement, presenting opportunities for growth in recycling and waste management initiatives.

  • Kerala generates approximately 6,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day, expected to rise to 7,500 tons by 2025, showcasing a significant waste management challenge.
  • Kerala boasts strong government support through initiatives like the Suchitwa Mission and the Haritha Keralam Mission, which focus on sanitation and waste management.
  • Women self-help groups (SHGs), notably Kudumbashree, play a pivotal role in waste management activities, driving community engagement and empowerment.
  • Resource recovery potential is high, as evidenced by the state's emphasis on biogas production, composting, and recycling initiatives.
  • Kerala's waste management sector offers opportunities for growth, with increasing demand for recycled products, technological innovations, and public-private partnerships.
  • To realize its potential, Kerala should prioritize effective policy implementation, infrastructure development, and stakeholder collaboration, aligning with national and international waste management frameworks.

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